Small Pilea Peperomioides!

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 We are offering some small pilea peperomioides (also known as the Chinese Money Plant) in 63mm diameter pots. These are about 6-8 weeks younger than our large pilea peperomioides.

These pilea peperomiodes will usually be dispatched within 1 week of order (weather permitting).

Selecting express shipping does not mean we'll send it out faster, it means the plant will only spend 1 day in transit instead of 3-5 days (as long as you live in the express network, see here). Shorter transit times are better for the plants.

Our pilea peperomioides will be posted from Ballarat, Victoria, adhering to all relevant domestic quarantine regulations for states besides Tasmania, WA and NT. We can NOT post to Tasmania, Western Australia or Northern Territory, sorry.


Plants are in a 63mm diameter pot, and slight variations may occur with each. With this product you will get one similar plant to pictured.