Plug care

Posted by Pilea Place on

This guide is for anyone who is purchasing a plant from us. Plugs are smaller than our other pilea, and don't come in pots.

  • Upon recieving your pilea peperomioides plug, water it immediately.
  • Next, plant in a SMALL POT, 50mm diameter is a good size. Use free draining soil with added perlite, or a cactus/succulent mix.
  • Plant the plug intact, do not remove the outer layer.
  • Water till the water runs out the bottom of the container.
  • A little bit of extra care needs to be taken with a plug .
  • Keep it in a warm, bright position, and allow it to dry down between watering.
  • After a few weeks it should be rooted well into the pot, now you can follow our general care instructions.

Plants are packaged with care, but an occasional broken leaf won't hurt the plant. :)