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One of my precious mother plants. One thing I do to keep her happy is keep the pest burden down.

Gnats are tiny flying insects that you often see hanging around your indoor plants, and especially noticeable when you water. They feed on decaying material in the soil, and on the tiny roots. They are a real problem here in Australia, and I'm convinced all our bagged potting mixes have eggs in them.

Forget about sand on top of the soil, messing around with cinnamon, and a host of other concoctions. I have the solution. Let bugs do the work for you!! (I know this sounds like an ad, but seriously I just love them... and I am getting nothing out of this 😀 ). I've been using predator bugs in my soil for over a year now, with great results. Hypoaspis are predator mites that live in the soil and feed on fungus gnat larvae and other soil-inhabiting insects. They don't work instantly, they need time to eat the young larvae. If you have a huge gnat problem use yellow stick traps to catch the flying gnats at the same time as the Hypoaspis for the larvae. I highly recommend them, and I buy mine here bioworksonline If you email them and say you saw them at Pilea Place they will double your order for free. Great guys that they are. Gnats be gone!