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Pick up ASAP: If you're not home when your pilea peperomioides is delivered please pick it up from the post office ASAP. They are shipped AusPost. Plants need light, so the sooner you get your plant out of the box, the better for the plant. Unpack all the packaging but leave the plant in its nursery pot.

First Watering: Water your plant when it's 90% dry. This could be on arrival, or could take 1-5 days. Pick up your pot every day till you know your plant and know its weight... the lighter it is the drier the soil. Too much water kills more plants quicker than too little. BUT, your plant does need water. We recommend a small dose of Seasol with every watering.

Placement: Your pilea peperomioides was grown in a bright east facing room, and would appreciate a similar postition, initially. They like bright light, but no direct sun. I have found pilea peperomioides will grow in any room in my house as long as there is a window, but mine have done best in east/west rooms

Fertiliser:  When your Pilea peperomioides is actively growing you can use a fertilizer. Follow the instructions on the bottle. They are not heavy feeders.

Water – Pilea peperomioides are a succulent-like plant, and appreciate quick draining soil. DO NOT over-pot these plants. If you are repotting, go up just one/two sizes. Remembering to not over-water!

Potting up - Keep your plant in its nursery for at least 4 weeks until the plant adjusts to its new home. When you do pot it up terracotta is a good choice (it allows the roots to dry out more quickly and helps prevent root rot), but don't go too big, too soon. I've found the pilea peperomioides like quick draining soil.